I'm Agape for Agate

Alex Turco

I have been in love with agates and all things of the mineral variety since I was a kid.  There's magic in those stones.  The luminosity, the cloudiness, the striations always fascinated me.  While seeing these beautiful rock formations in interiors is not new, we are certainly seeing more of them.  They are proliferating into all forms of home decor, which, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing because the Feng Shui principles tell us, "Agate combines the strength and solidity of stone with the fluidity of water and translucency of air," thus incorporating several of the five elements at once.

Agate is technically quartz, a semi precious chalcedony, a crystalline form of silica, that is found in the crevices of volcanic rock or in geodes.  Whether adoring, co existing with other materials, or standing alone, it is one of the great visually stimulating undulating patterns.  It is protective and grounding, healing and balancing.  This little geode has super powers!

Brass and agate desk accessories from Rablabs

Don't think painting the look is any less fabulous.   My friend Susan Jamison of Bridget Beari Designs painted a show house hall in a neutral agate pattern.  It is seriously swoon worthy, and I may have to copy it.

Printed on paper or fabric is a much more cost effective way to bring the energy into your room.  There seriously is nothing you cannot do with this pattern.

I LOVE Kimberly McDonald's jewelry and now she has a home collection to covet.

Kimberly's collection can be seen at Bergdorf's and Forty Five Ten in Dallas

 It looks good adorning anything!

Agate wallpaper from Spoon flower

wallpaper from Brenda Houston Design


Hickory Craft

Book matching stone always leaves a lasting impression.  The stone is cut (or painted) where by the graining continues in it's natural pattern and it appears to create a mirror image = to die for

Agate makes a great material for lighting.  It makes the perfect choice for a rough luxe interior with it's organic and elegant properties.

Emporium Home


It makes a great table too!

Taylor Llorente

One of the most beautiful ways to highlight agate's natural beauty is to back light it.  The stones take on an "other worldly" quality with luminosity, and the smallest details and colors are brought out

Applegate Tran Interiors

There is nothing an agate can't accentuate ~

via Martha Stewart Living

or decorate ~

It just always looks great!  Could you use a little agate to light up your life?  Dare I say, if not in your home, how about a small personal accoutrement??  Remember, it's HEALING!

Paige Gamble clutch

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