Mobile Me

Kinetically speaking ~  mobiles' high wire act and subtle graceful movement floating in mid air speak the language of  relaxation.  They offer balance.  Watching one soothes the soul and has been considered a remedy from stress; akin to watching a fish tank or ocean waves rolling on shore.

Diamond Barettta

Alexander Calder created these "puzzles of balance," or moving sculptures, some 80 years ago.  They were like modern feats of engineering and incorporated mathematical laws of the universe at the time.

Scott Salvador

A mobile by definition, is when weighted objects hang from rods that maintain a horizontal plane.  The objects can be anything, but the most beautiful are the irregular shaped colored sheets of metal that we have come to know and love.  By their very nature they never touch and may move together or independently of each other.  The tabletop version is nothing less than a mathematical marvel as well.

Jacque Grange

Inspired by abstractionism, many artists have called upon Calder's creations to inform and inspire their own aesthetic.  People like Joel HotchkissJulie FrithBrad Howe, and Marco Mahler.

Rose Tarlow

Delphine Krakoff

Calder considered mobiles poetry in motion, and I don't disagree.  They are so visually compelling and what a great way to utilize space overhead in an unexpected way!  These witty wonders work in any room as well; no matter ~ contemporary or traditional.

  This art in motion lays in wait trying to catch the wind.

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