Palm Prints

House of Hackney

Between the chill in my bones and the runways full of palm prints teasing me, I am yearning for warm weather, or the perception of it.  The sun kissed days and balmy nights are calling.  Even if you can't escape physically, these easy, breezy prints and decorative objects transcend time and place.

With the help of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Greenbrier in West Virginia, and Indochine in NY, this print (technically a banana leaf) has become a classic palm-tastic print!  

But there are certainly many other papers to choose from ~

Osborne & Little

It lends an airiness to anything

Alison Elebash

Palm prints and harness, who knew?

photo by Benjamin Dimmitt

It says, "I'm fun and freewheeling"
Peter Pilotto and Fausto Puglis

It has a wonderful abstract quality to it

and can be preppy and precocious

Christopher Farr fabric

Cavalli via

Kazumi Yoshida festive print

                                                  as well as sexy and sophisticated

ph:Simon Upton

Amanda Nisbet for Neirman Weeks

The pattern seems to convey a free spiritedness.  These long, spiky leaves are more than merely decorative.  They have long held a symbolic meaning, but to me they mean fun in the sun & WARMTH!


James Radin

Just the mere suggestion of this fantastic frond has me warmed me up considerably.  The power of suggestion  +  get me a pina colada = WINNING

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