The Winter Garden

Bitter cold and record snow in the northeast has forced us all indoors.  Many an hour has been spent gazing out the window.  If you are hyper-aesthetically attuned to your surroundings like I am, you appreciate a room with a view!
Even in the snow a yard, garden, or landscape should look balanced and beautiful.   A strong foundation of plantings or hardscaping for snow to rest upon produces the most magical results.  Inside or out, the same rules apply.  Think about how your garden will look in the winter when you're preparing it in the spring/summer.

There's a quiet beauty to a winter garden.  It's the simplicity of the bare branches, grasses, and ornamental objects set against the cold blue sky that creates a perfect picture.  Void of all the other seasonal color, you notice nature's shapes and textures.

Color in the snow covered garden gives way to optimism that spring will surely come

And just think…. soon we'll be complaining it's too hot

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