Poetry in Fittings

Chantal Thomass Pomes

I loved meeting some of the people behind THGParis, whom I had the privilege of meeting at the Contemporary Furniture Fair.  They really showed off where the company shines.  THGParis' bath fittings are "a subtle mix of craftsmanship, know how and a passion for creativity" three generations later.
Exquisite French innovation, the marriage of perfect partnerships, and exceptional collections have  earned THGParis recognition as the "haute Couture of bathroom fittings," earning them awards and accolades thru out the world!

Porcelain, 24 carat matte gold, silver, fine etching, and Swarovski crystal help create refinement in fittings to the likes we've never seen before.  These are no mere faucets, they are things of beauty!  Each faucet is precisely etched and meticulously manufactured.  The crystals are applied one by one with chopsticks.  Their attention to detail is unparalleled.

Monte Carlo

The marriage of fine crystal and metal creates a timeless elegance that is always in style.  The Lalique, Daum, and Bacarrat crystal collections are sublime.  Chic, modern, sophisticated, even witty, these artisanal faucets are masterpieces cut from glass.

Lalique Pomme

"Casting a piece using Daum’s exclusive process assures a rich and subtle palette of colors and a precision of contours, which would have been impossible to obtain using traditional crystal or glassblowing methods. This powerful and elegant artistic technique, more than ever before, affirms Daum’s creativity, and is among one of the many reasons why it was deemed worthy as a THG collaborator."

 “To be aligned with such a respected and illustrious brand as Baccarat and be trusted with Baccarat’s bold signature designs illustrates our abilities as a premier brand.”
Pierre -Yves Rochon P├ętale de Cristal
The future meets Baccarat crystal in the Beyond Crystal series.  An LED light shines from within and the true beauty of the material is "lit up."

If you think they are too fancy ~ think again, modern styles with equal amounts sensuality, fluidity, and sophisticated design abound.

The M├ętamorphose collection encompasses squares and curves, going from round to square and back to round.  The complicated design ironically evokes simplicity.  The team also incorporated carbon fiber or ceramic handles; the same used in a Chanel watch.

Studio Putman

Also under the Studio Putman line is Collection O.  It caught my attention not only because I am attracted to the "O" or circle or symbol of the infinite, but because I love the rose gold.  It is fresh and always aesthetically pleasing to my eye.  Not technically an O, it twists, it turns, it just speaks to me.

Quintessentially French is the Saint Germaine.  It seems subtly more masculine and industrial with its pewter (or black) coloration and heavy handed application.  It harkens back to the industrial France of the 1950's.

Aligning themselves with like minded artisans and brands keep THG Paris innovative and appealing to the luxury market.  While you may not be willing or able to run out and purchase them for your own home, you can certainly appreciate the aesthetic when you encounter one and know you are engaging with something very special!

This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
Photos: THGParis, CLI

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