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Authenticity in hand forged and cast bronze hardware creates patina, like a history that can be cherished and considered timeless for generations.  Anagha Dandekar found her way to hardware as a kind of happy accident while selling art in India.  She met someone who needed ironwork done and that caused her to switch gears, and a passion for hardware was created.  Not a completely unlikely route from one to the other, because the principles and integrity of hand crafting are similar.  The integrity and beauty of a hand made piece is art, be it painted or forged.

Hardware Renaissance, a fairly young company is fast becoming known for its look of traditional blacksmithing techniques.  The precision engineering allows the hardware to coordinate with commercial locking mechanisms.  They're a green company, completely committed to environmental responsibility and keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible.  Their bronze is made from at least 90% recycled material!

Everything from sand casting the molds to the forging of the piece to the application of the patina is hand done.  They even practice the lost art of hot wax application.  This creates that unique, high end, hand made quality that a larger company may seek to replicate, but really can't achieve.  The pieces are made in India and finished in Santa Fe, NM.  It is a multi-step process.  Many hands refine the piece, create texture, or in lay stones, depending on the design being executed.

The product line offers as many traditional as contemporary designs.  Mountain house, beach house, chateau, or casita ~ they've got it covered.  If they don't they'll create it!

This little company welcomes custom work, with their charges being reasonably low for a one of a kind piece.  Perfect if you need to match hardware in an existing home.  You never know when you might need a hinge, bolt, or monogrammed door knob.

Listening to Anagha speak so excitedly about the company she birthed was infectious.  Now that it is on my radar, I am adding it to my list of "go to" companies I will look towards when a hardware project presents itself.  "Great design starts at the door," and you know what they say about 1st impressions!

Photos via Hardware Renaissance, CLI.  This is a sponsored post but my opinions are my own.

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