A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Marketplace

The Marketplace Design Center in Philadelphia, not unlike the D & D Building in New York, or any other design center across the country for that matter, keeps us interior designers informed, educated and amused with seminars or continuing educations courses.  I always try to support The Marketplace. It has/is going through a rough transition at the moment.  When I read that Hunt Slonem was to be speaking I decided to head over and support him and everyone at Kravet; besides he is quite amusing.

I ran into him and we had a conversation about a new building that he recently purchased in Scranton.  He was moving his studio and mentioned he has been antique shopping and he also barters his art for furniture.  I thought to myself, "Hmm, what do I have to barter?" Hunt went on to speak and I had an a-ha moment. I've got it!  I have been wanting to sell a heavy, dark, antique library/dining room table and Jacobean chairs.  I yearned for something lighter and slightly more modern.  But finding the right home for these somewhat sentimental antiques was challenging.  They came from a historic home in Philadelphia, The Horace Jayne House, that my father's law practice had bought; it housed his firm for years.

Hunt agreed and a deal was struck!  My antiques would be right at home at Hunt's place and I would be the owner of one of his beautiful paintings.  I wanted to go to his much talked about studio and select something personally.

It was everything I imagined it to be and more.  His fabrics thru Lee Jofa are right at home on the ornate furniture, creating a whimsical juxtaposition.  My furniture is a logical addition to what he already owns.

What an adventure!  From the moment you walk in, it is a huge visual feast of sights and sounds.  Painted canvases sit side by side with collections of all kinds.  He is a self professed "collectorator."

Much was being shipped to museums and galleries around the world!

A menagerie of animals; fish, turtles, birds, plus plants and flowers bring the studio to life, not to mention the birds, butterflies, and bunnies that watch you from the walls.

The famous birds take up a lot of real estate within the studio.  Periodically you heard them squawking, "Hunt! Hunt!"

They may perch on his shoulder periodically, but they don't interfere with the painting process.  Many paintings are on rotation vying for attention

No studio space was spared or overlooked!

So, while my dining room may be empty for awhile bunny Steven and bunny Carrie will be very happy in their new home as will my antiques, in Hunt's studio.

That's a win/win!


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