A Colorful Spring is Ahead

Reem Acqua

Color is calling to us this coming Spring.  Pantone has spoken once again.  Pair all that color with the runway trends of the coming season and you have a perfect melange of style and deliciousness!  All this color conveys optimism and happiness which packs the perfect punch to chase away the winter doldrums!

Rose Quartz ~ looks good taking pajamas to the streets

For Restless Sleepers

                                 Peach Echo ~  stripe it rich

J. Crew

          Fiesta ~ globalized chic and embellishment with a touch of bohemian chic


                               Serenity ~ Feels like denim or cotton poplin

J. Crew

                                  Snorkel Blue ~ Fanciful shoes ~

Dolce and Gabbana

                                   Limpet Shell ~ Ruffles galore


                                 Green Flash ~ pattern play in bright brights



                                Buttercup ~ with a cold shoulder

Michael Kors

                                 Lilac Grey ~ is fresh with fringe still remaining strong

Rebecca Minkoff

                                    Iced Coffee ~ while in your upscale athleisurewear

Color, shine, drama, lingerie, feminine, masculine, the 70's, the 90's, the focus on sleeves, on shoulders, mesh and lace, stripes, florals graphic pattern, embellishment ~ Whew!  What is not represented?  Abundance is the name of the game in this "of the moment" style/color war.  Being transported to a sunny, happy, optimistic place is the ultimate goal.  The only problem you'll have trying to fill in your wardrobe for the coming season is what to choose, what to choose.

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