Paper Petals

Remember those giant crepe paper flowers you used to make or buy a a kid?  Well, these are not those!
While floral patterns are blowing up the runway and blooming in home decor, the art of paper flower making has been quietly elevated to an art form.

Amy Lau created a show stopping staircase at the Kips Bay Show house  a few years back.  

However structured or unstructured you choose to make a paper installation, it is not only a conversation piece, but an inexpensive way to create a focal point and piece of art (in some cases).

Karl Lagerfeld enjoyed a paper making moment when Chanel incorporated a pristine white backdrop made of paper flowers into the runway show.  If Chanel can do it and it appears at Kips Bay ~ so can you!

Need a little help getting started?

Paper to Petals 

Eloise Corr Danch has taken it to a whole other level

 Zoe Bios Creative's paper flower crown

Apparently they are big as wedding wall backdrops

All kinds of DIY ideas and supplies can be found on Etsy, and inspiration on Pinterest along with tutorials.  Go crazy!

I think I found my summer project.

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