Leo Rising

Sandra Sitron from  Strong Eye Astrology  talks about how to find happiness within the boundaries of our zodiac signs.
“Happiness really comes from your sense of purpose,” Sitron explains, adding, “whether it’s learning to make really good eggs or being a compassionate being.”

It's funny this Leo spent her whole life looking for recognition.  Recognition for a job well done, recognition for being a good mom, making the most of what God gave me, a whole host of things.  I finally gave up and decided I would dig deep and find it from within (duh).  Never look outside yourself in the hope that you will get what you need from others. You will be disappointed.  That's not to say you won't get what you crave from family, friends, a boss, etc, you can and often times will, but  you must acknowledge it from within before you can recognize and receive it from others.

Check out your happiness horoscope.

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