All Roads Lead to the Morikami

My son and I have a joke that wherever we are in Florida we would see a sign for the Morikami Museum.  We would say, "all roads lead to the Morikami."  Needless to say, it was high time we got ourselves there.

With a winter storm at the Northeast's doorstep,  I leave you with these pictures to help warm your spirit and remind you ~ Spring is just around the bend.

Roji-en: Garden of the Drops of Dew, was inspired by famous gardens of Japan.  There are six distinct gardens set on 16 acres, designed around a lake to accentuate the gallery and museum.  Click here if you want a better understanding of each garden type and what it represents.

The path around the lake takes you on a romantic journey.  The obvious beauty and naturalistic woodland setting sets it apart from more formal Japanese gardens but the zen-like feeling remains.

Flat gardens or dry landscaping speak to the balance within: of shrubs and rocks.  The act of raking the sand is meditative.  It is a tool to help calm the mind.  Different patterns have different meanings.

So much inspiration!

A lizard was perfectly perched on the pagoda.  The koi and turtles seem happy as well.

Touring the garden is a personal journey of observation and introspection.  It is a sensory experience as well, with something to see around every corner.

As the laughing Buddha signifies, may happiness and joy wash over you and may peace be in your heart.


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