Exceeding Expectations

When I met with Hamilton Aguair and then did a little research for my post, I knew had to do a separate story on the home that now house's the giant balloon dog that is part of Hamilton's 99% series. ( See last post )

This home is so unique, so unbelievable, so Miami!  Built on spec by Barry Brodsky, a luxury home builder.  The over the top and oh so tasteful 18,679 square foot home features furniture by Artefacto, one of my favorite design stores here.

It is a completely indoor/outdoor experience with an emphasis on fun. An entertainer's dream, a buyer looking at a home of this caliber expects all kinds of bells and whistles!

I immediately noticed the calming quality of the neutral interior with high end finishes.

” Brodsky has studied kabbalah and meditation, which has helped him understand the need to “add warmth and soul to make a house a home,” he explains. “I try to visualize a buyer living in the home, and I design the home to be livable.”

AND  this is where the Hamilton Aguair balloon dog stands.   If I am being honest, I love it in more organic material.  The mylar creates a completely different look.  The owner loved it too. The dog found a permanent home with the new owners.

The piece de resistance is the water slide discreetly tucked into the corner of the property.  It cascades down from the second floor into the pool next to the stairs.  Fun for kids and adults alike!

Barry Brodsky gets me!

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