The Affordable Art Fair: It's Relative

America Martin via
Joann Artman Gallery,CA

I have to admit, I had heard of the AAF but never took the time to go.  When I walked out the door, I said, "What took so long?"  It was great fun.  The art ranged from the silly to the spell binding.  Eighty galleries from all over the world hung side by side works from emerging artists to the entrepreneurial, commercially successful ones.  Unfortunately it closes April 7th, but there is always next year.

"Anything can be made from yarn as long as it's made with love."  Kate Jenkins proves her love of knitting and crocheting in cashmere, lambs wool, and fun embellishments.  Kate works with prestigious fashion designers as well.
Kate Jenkins via
Rebecca Hossack Gallery,NY

Working from a studio in Brisbane, Australia, Carol finds inspiration from the environment around her.
Carole Roche via
Inart Studio, AU

We were on the lookout for the pink stickers that indicated the art was under $1,000.00.  I saw art for as low as $400.00 to upwards of $10,000.00 with most in the mid range.  I thought the prices were very reasonable for the level of talented artists represented.

Maybe the affordable art hung next to the likes of Damian's Hirst's works tended to make them look more expensive
Damian Hirst via
Manifold Editions,UK

Artist at work

Fortes Pakeong Sequeira via

With an architect's eye, David sees something that inspires him.  He deconstructs it and reassembles it like puzzle pieces based on the Pythagorean theorem. (WHAT?)  I just like it.  That's the beauty and subjectivity of art work.  He also did an installation based on the stripes in J. Crew clothing.
David E Peterson via
Decorason Gallery

From complicated to literal ~ Balloons in ceramic was inspired by a balloon floating in the sky.  There is a great series of them.
Nina Jun 

I am really digging art in the round.  Put anything on a round canvas and it automatically feels fresh and contemporary.  These colorful wheels represented by an Argentinean gallery, a cooperative that brings together a community of artists and gives them a platform to exhibit their work.
Nora Gotilb via
Solange Guez arte contemporáneo, AR

I was immediately drawn to this artist's work.  Art is visceral.  What may speak to me may not necessarily speak to you.  As a designer, buying art for clients is extremely hard.  As I am well aware, I have expensive taste.  Paolo is considered a master and one of the last living post-cubist artists today.
Paolo de San Lorenzo via
 Palma Arte, IT

A broad range of photography was represented.  
Several galleries exhibited interior shots a la Candida Höfer.
In this case, 2 Frenchmen spent time in Detroit shooting interiors in all forms of beautiful decay.
Yves Marchard & Roman Meffre via
Emmanuel Fremin, NY

From the sublime to the silly, a school of fish would look great on a white wall in Miami.  This multi-lingual artist is in the hands of collectors worldwide.
Michael Alford via

Art can often be provocative.  It teaches lessons, raises awareness, documents history, or tells a story.  In this case, culture and heritage may be being archived because of the urbanization of the modern world and how they are affecting the dying traditions of tribes in far away lands.
John Kenny via
 Capital Culture Gallery, UK

Proof that you can play with your food.  This fun series brought a smile to my face.  Tiny plastic figures carry out daily activities in unusual contexts. This seriously grew on me.
Willy Rojas via
Villa del Arte, Spain

Paint and bees wax were the materials of choice.  Luckily the artist was there to explain what I was looking at.  Paint was applied, then wax, then the wax was etched out and paint filled in the design.  It was really interesting and smelled of vanilla.
Jenny Keith Hughes via
Feral Fine Art, Canada

This Korean artist's still life paintings of flowers are realistic, yet simple.  Each has beauty in the  movement captured like a photograph.
Park Chul-Hwan via

This seemed to be the most popular  piece at the show.  Golden Harvest consists of hand applied 24 carat gold leaf and features an iconic skull image.   Jacky is known for creating the floral skull image for the late Alexander McQueen.  He is currently trying to break the barrier between art and fashion by applying his art to silk and creating a luxe label of his own.
Jacky Tsai via

You never know what or whom you will find at the fair.  Art and collecting art is meant to be inspiring and exciting, not intimidating.  "Art is for everyone."  That is the credo behind this fair.  With installations, a showcase for emerging artists, and events for kids ~ there is literally something for everyone.  I'll always remember what my art teacher in high school said:  "ART IS LOVE"

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