Decorating with Antiques

Nestor Santa- Cruz ph: William Waldron

It's all about the mix when using antiques in your decor.  I subscribe to the hi/low, old/new look in a room.  That's where the interest lies.  When you drop an antique into a contemporary room, the room becomes three dimensional, lines are blurred, and that is dynamic!

The 1970's Maison Jansen cocktail table (which is considered more vintage than antique) takes nothing away from the new regency style chairs and antique lacquered Chinese armoire in the photo above.  The space looks layered, lovely, livable, and therefore contemporary.

Antiques used to be defined as anything over 100 years old, but it is not that black and white anymore.
18th century furniture is in demand again, but the biggest jump in the value of any given period is the Art Deco period, the 1920's, 30's and 40's, which had been under valued until recently.

Alex Papachristidis, ph: Phillip Ennis

Swedish, French, and English antiques happily co exist with a contemporary painting and graphic rug.  The modern designs of today always look to the past for inspiration and inform new designs for our informal way of life.

Susan Hable Smith,ph:Richard Powers

An antique Indonesian day bed covered in an antique Moroccan wedding blanket, vintage shipping pallet as table and Venini light fixture create an interesting melange.

Richard Hallberg

An antique piece or two in a modern room create the necessary layers of a warm environment.  Even designers who don't typically embrace working with antiques acknowledge the importance of learning provenance.

There is nothing stuffy about the eclectic room with its mix of antique accessories, period furnishings, and op art rug; a perfect example of "mix mastering"

Susan Zies Green,ph:John Kernick

19th c. prints look comfortable in a 21 c. home

Alexa Hampton
One great piece can turn a room on its ear.  The antique rocker becomes the focal point in the room of this modern, country beach house.

Michael S. Smith never misses with his eye for the mix ~

Michael S Smith,ph:Börn Wallander

Vincent Wolf is the master of repurposing antiques with his finds from round the world into contemporary, functional pieces

If the idea of filling a room full of antique furniture scares you and conjures up thoughts of your grandmother's house ~ one piece can seem thoughtful, weighty, and wise.  One chest, one armoire, one gilt mirror, and you look like a sophisticate.

Alex Papchristidis

Apply antique wallpaper into a modern setting and I assure nobody will consider it dowdy!

FYI..."When you know the rules, you can break the rules."

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