Wishing on a Wishbone

On my radar right now is Hans J. Wegner's wishbone chair.  I think it would be a great accent to a zinc table I am doing for someone.  The chair, also known as the Y chair, was inspired by Danish merchants sitting upon Ming chairs in 18th century portraits.  They come in fun colors and are surprisingly comfortable.  There's a hipness as well as a lightness to them that must have helped jettison them into icon status.

It takes more than 100 steps to make this seemingly simple chair.  The paper cord on the seat is completely sustainable and biodegradable, coming from trees in Swedish forests.  You know they old adage:  if something looks simple it usually is quite complicated. 

The interesting thing about this chair is the price point.  It really runs the gamut.  I love an iconic hi-low piece.  If you're a purist, you can go for the original made for the Carl Hanson Co. back in the 50's that has been in production ever since.

An original as Hans intended can be had for slightly over $900.00, and is offered in several colors

Design within Reach also offers them in assorted colors and choice of wood stains.  They range from $400.00 to $1,400.00 

It can be had at Hive Modern for $600.00

Matt Black was inspired by the original and offers a copy for $295.00

Several eBay stores sell reproductions for around $200.00

via Chango & Co.

Soma Classics sell beautiful reproductions for $180.00.  You have slightly less color choices and it has a hemp seat, but who cares!

ph:Mark Lund

How low can we go?  Amazon sells a few different styles for as low as $149.00. 

via Decorpad

The only questions are ~ do you want an original or will a reproduction do, and what color??

In my research I discovered the paper seats are hard to clean.  I guess you have to think of it like a marble counter top and embrace the wear and tear. 

This could come in handy ~
How to Clean Wishbone Paper Cord with Soap Flakes**
  • 2 tbsp (28g) soap flakes – Carl Hansen & Son brand recommended, but Soap Flake or grated Ivory / mild white bar soap OK
  • 1 quart (940ml) boiled water
  • Pour boiling water over soap flakes, using a whisk to make sure all flakes are completely dissolved
  • Allow mixture to cool slightly
  • While water is warm, use a soft cloth to gently wipe the paper cord as best you can, making sure you do not get the seat too wet
  • Wipe the entire surface of the seat, but again, do not drench the material with soap mixture – less is more
  • Allow to dry and then repeat, if necessary
  • You can store the soap mixture in an airtight container for up to a month

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