All Eyes Are On Fall

Trending this season, the symbol or suggestion of the eye is gracing everything from fashion to lighting.  In some cases it seems what's old is new again.  In some cases we're seeing this image with a fresh eye.

via T magazine

It all began with Victorian lovers eye jewelry.  Our fascination with the eye, the window to our soul, kept secret lovers close, or symbolized the grief of a loved one lost.

via Miss Moss

Centuries later ~ we're still finding fascination with this image.  We were taken with the evil eye and it's  mystical and ethnic roots. Now, we're turning our attention once again to the eye but with more of a surrealist slant.

1.Lanvin  2.Delfina Delettrez  3.Olympia Le Tan  4.DVF

Scratched porcelain makes a great foil for the symbol with many meanings; seductiveness, mysticism, universal connectedness?

MQuan Studio

    Yuzbukey via Kirna Zebete

Piero Fornesetti, like Dali were in the forefront of creating "eye"conic images that have stood the test of time and brought inspiration to many.

Fornasetti Rug


 Kenzo did an "eye popping" collection this season and put the peepers on just about everything!

Kenzo collection

Something mesmerizing about this one, like you could become transfixed by watching the hand go round.  "You are getting sleepy"

John Derian

Sometimes the suggestion of an image is enough ~

Pasha Rug

Marcel Wanders lighting

I don't know about you but I'd like to be winked at all day, even if it is by my own feet (gotta take it where you can get it I always say!)

Del Toro

I say, the eyes have it!

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