Missoni's Mission ~

 world domination !  With the upcoming line for Target and it's many, many licensing deals, Missoni is posed to place their brightly colored, heavily patterned look on everything!   Tai and Rosita Missoni, from their factory north of Milan, have been fine tuning knitwear and the Missoni look for generations.

Below, the signature  chevron patterned  knit wear that started it all.  In 1969, Diana Vreeland, the Missoni's mentor and fairy godmother introduced the couple to buyers and fashion insiders from around the world.  She exclaimed, "Look, who said there are only colors? There are tones too!"  That's what set the Missoni's apart and the rest is history.

A first look

They have remained true to their signature style and have done a magnificent job of keeping it relevant over these many years.  Their children and grandchildren, very much a presence in the business, have a hand in that!

The hotly anticipated line for Target  is due in stores September 15th.  What a wonderful collaboration  ~  I'm sure it will be a huge seller .   Like a smiley face, these patterns just make you happy.  In this economy and at very reasonable prices, that's something to smile about.  Best of all,  there's something for everyone who covets the Missoni look..

If you don't feel comfortable wearing the bold, colorful designs, many other options abound:

tabletop ~

Bedding and bath ~

fabrics through  Stark ~

Home ~

Kartell offers their Mademoiselle chair in selected Missoni prints, designed by Philippe Starck and ~

Havaianas sold out of the Missoni flip flops in record time ~ 

Converse got in on the action ~ 

Like mother (or father), like baby ~ 

transportation is a consideration ~


This bike is also part of the Target collection.  For a sneak peak, check out Stylist.com ~

On the Road? Check into one of  several Hotel Missoni's, with more to come ~

Phew, I'm parched.   That's a lot of Missoni!  The sky's the limit on the reach of the brand.

 Pellegrino in conjunction with other top tier Italian companies that express talent and style are designing limited edition labels for their bottles.

 I bet liqueur is next and who knows what else, but I can't wait to see.

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