Egg (like) cellent Idea...

 I saw what looked like broken egg shells hand painted on the inside in a booth at one of my favorite vendors appearing at the gift show.  Gold Leaf Design is always a "go to" booth for me.  I knew I had to do something with them.  I always imagined I would use the gold or silver; it just seemed more like me, but I did find a home for them in purple.  Since that time, I see they have popped up in other interesting places as well.

W Hotel, Times Square

If only I had seen this a few days ago when I did my Outdoor Shower post.  I love the way this looks, but not sure how the eggs would wear, if unprotected.  They are quite fragile in person.

Gold Leaf Designs

From afar it reminded me of a still from the movie, The Birds, but up close it is really cool

The Muse 

This is how I imagined the egg-like installation for a client.  It is fascinating to see many different interpretations.  Each designer , given the same object, applied it in a completely different way.

Carrie Leskowitz Interiors

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