Product Spotlight: Mottega

I am hot to use these beautiful lamps on an upcoming job.  Since discovering Mottega and their kaleidoscope of options, it's just a matter of time.  The really beautiful part is Mottega's customization program that ANYONE can use.  It is not just for the trade, and delivery is in two weeks!  Unheard of!

Mottega has an easy to understand website with step by step instructions.  You pick the lamp base, shape, color, shade, and finial to fit your decor.  They are beautifully made and well priced.

At Blogfest we were introduced to Eileen Kathryn Boyd, who was named a color influencer for the line.  Kathryn is considered a color innovator, and her color story has gained her an award winning reputation and an elite client base.  She talked about the process she uses in choosing the colors for the lamps that designers and the general public would best respond to.  Eileen was inspired by the fashion runway and what was happening in interiors, with consideration for warm, cool, and neutral choices.

These beauties are showing up in all the best dressed homes.  I can't imagine one wouldn't work for you!

ekb Interiors

Amy Plum Designs


Lonny Magazine office

The company also does cute promotions.  If you send them a picture of the room you use the lamp in, they may use it in a future ad.  They also have frequent drawings for a free lamp of your choice.  Check them out!

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  1. Thanks for a great feature, Carrie! You are so generous!! Be sure to share photos of any future projects of your own with Mottega. We'd love to return the favor on our blog.