The Eyes Have it

New Ravenna Mosaics

The Evil Eye, long a symbol of luck, as in keeping the evil spirits away, crosses many cultural and religious backgrounds.  It's deeply rooted in history, but more importantly ~ I like the way it looks.  It intrigues me; simple yet knowing.

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Artist Sebastian Bergne in conjunction with Giana & Gino created an evil eye vessel collection using the ancient Turkish Iznik quartz ceramics and Swarovski's "Crystal Rocks" elements.  It is being introduced in a limited edition of 250.

Artist/ designer Guiseppe Vigano created a striking black and white lacquered bedside line, appropriately called, The Eye Collection.

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In the traditional Moroccan culture, as in other cultures, the triangle (embellished or not) represents the eye.  The 5-sided star is a good luck symbol as well.  Today these symbols are often woven into textiles, rugs, baskets, and the like; much as they have been for centuries.  Who are we to tamper with tradition? (Weird, but I hear the song "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof playing in my head suddenly)

Do you like this symbol as a decorative element?  It also happens to make a great piece of jewelry.  "I'm just saying."

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