The City Of Lights

Radisson Blu Metropolitan Hotel
I'm off...




Hotel Shangri La

 I am so looking forward to a week full of  romance and inspiration. I will be anxious to share stories and beautiful pictures.   A` la semaine prochaine!

Everland Hotel

Nomiya Restaurant

Let me tell you a little story ~ 15 years ago I went to Paris on my honeymoon.  Half way through the trip, all our luggage was stolen out of the trunk of our rental car.  Clothes, jewelry, make-up, everything!  We were devastated, but determined to not let it destroy our vacation.  We washed out our 1 outfit in the hotel sink and soldiered on.  We vowed we would go back one day... and that day is today.


Plaza Athenee


Hotel Balzac

Check back ~ je te souhaite un bonne semaine!
see you in a week my friends   

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  1. Carrie - have a wonderful trip!! The same rental-car robbery happened to us in Spain years ago - best to soldier on! Enjoy!