Scarf Tying 101

Since I am getting ready to depart for Paris, I am brushing up on all things Parisian.  I am excited to be dusting off my scarves.   I just got a beautiful new one for my birthday.  I love the look of a scarf and the many jaunty ways to wear them.

 Liberty of London has a boxed collection of cards each with a  diagram on how to fold scarves into many different styles.  That could come in handy.

They also hold scarf tying workshops if you happen to be in their London neighborhood.  If all that isn't enough, there are a plethora of U Tube videos demonstrating.


Liberty of London is VERY committed to the art of the scarf.  I love the girl's accent demonstrating.
Hey, I learned a thing or two.  I can now walk down the Faubourg Saint Honore with my American head held high.   Oui, oui

ph: NY times

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