God Save My Shoes!

What woman doesn't love shoes?  The psychology behind this (in some cases) obsession is documented in the film ~ God Save My Shoes opening during New York fashion week, then on to Paris.

My client Beth Shak is showcased in this documentary along with Fergie, Kelly Rowland and others.  It explores the relationship women have with their shoes.

When designing the closet to showcase her collection of 700 or so pair of Louboutins, we took a small sitting room off the bedroom, moved a doorway, measured the depth of several rows of shoes for the pull out drawers and voila!  A shoe closet to die for.

Let's look at some other enviable closets housing a shoe collection that even Imelda Marcos would be proud of..


I tend to like a lighter colored closet.  I want the clothes to "shine," and lighting is so crucial when dressing.  Darker colored walls can often fool the eye, but I do love Loree's look.

Loree Rodkin

The key to a successful closet design is organization.  There should be a home for everything.  Really think about what you need storage for and fit it out for each particular garmet or accessory.

Tamara Mellon has 2 shoe closets to covet.  I assume one is in New York and one in LA.  As the founder of Jimmy Choo we'd expect nothing less.  Look at that collection of black shoes alone, crazy!

Special occasion or out of season shoes get photographed and housed above.  A great organizational tool.  You also heard of the rule:  If you bring one thing in, dispose of another.

I love the backlit  shelves.  The shoes become sculpture.  I personally love when the shoes are displayed one facing forward and one backward.  That way you see one toe and one heel.  I do that in my own closet.  Having a chair or ottoman to sit on in the closet is a nice luxury if you have the room.

via pseriestylist

This is Khloe Kardashian's shoe closet.  I wonder what Kim's looks like?

Mariah Carey's closet is almost as famous as she is.  Her closet is a great example of a really well thought out design.  It gives new meaning to the phrase, "Shopping your closet."

Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a closet that is anything but REAL for most of us.

Celerie Kemble created a little jewel of a closet in an apartment in New York.  I usually like everything laid out before me when I walk into a closet, but in a tiny space everything must do double duty, so putting the shoes behind a mirrored door makes good design sense.

What would your dream closet look like?


  1. Ugh! If only the organizing part was more simple! Love closets with center islands! Sweet finds :o)

  2. OMG.... and I thought I have a problem!
    although, I (most of the time) apply the rule "if you bring one pair in, dispose of another"