I'm Lovin ~ Lindsay Adelman's Lighting

I don't know what it is about lighting that has me so enamored these days.  I gravitate to it like a moth to a flame.  There hasn't been a shortage of magnificent lighting and Lindsey Adelman's creations are no exception.

The handblown glass globes and assorted hardware can be configured into many different sizes, colors and shapes.  Each design is beautifully executed and visually exciting

Dufner Heighes, ph: Tom Sibley

Grant Gibson ph: Kathryn MacDonald

via the189.com

Rounded globes or the more sword like fixtures; they work equally well gracing a contemporary or more traditional home.

Dufner Heighes, ph: Tom Sibley

On Lindsey's website, she shares with you directions to make your own light, the parts needed, and where to get them.  That is very generous!  Buying the parts is easy, but blowing the glass might be problematic ~ and that's where most of the beauty lies.

ph: Lindsey Adelman unless otherwise noted

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