The Perfectly Imperfect Home

"Any house or room remembered with pleasure has the look of being loved by those who live in it"
~ Billy Baldwin

That is the sentiment behind Deborah Needleman's book:  The Perfectly Imperfect Home.  I heard Deborah speak quite passionately, about the importance of reflecting the personality of the homeowners; a home that is imbued with life and love, whimsy and warmth.

The art of decoration is important, but not to the extent that the "soul" of the room is lost.  Nobody feels cozy in a cold, perfectly appointed room where you're afraid to put up your feet and relax.

Make sure every decorating decision contributes in some way to the beauty and comfort of your home.  It's your sanctuary.  Deborah believes, and she is certainly not alone, that the feeling of "homeyness" is lost when the decorating is too careful, too precious.  She says, "Keep it slightly humble."

You want to see signs of life in a house.  Your goal should be:  WARM and HAPPY!  Deborah gives you plenty of tips and tricks on how to do that room by room, chapter after chapter.

It's so simple you can start now:  Add textiles, throw a throw over the couch, add a few (more) fluffy pillows.  Pick out and arrange the family photos, display the kids' art work.  Strategically place jollifiers and mollifiers (things that make you and others happy, respectively) scattered about.

You want to dress to impress, but not at the expense of putting one off by pretentiousness

The book is beautifully illustrated by Virginia Johnson

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