The Power of a Single Flower


Technically, the photos above/below are not of single flowers, but you get the idea...  The repetitiveness makes a dramatic statement in such a simple way.  And for a simple girl like me, you get A LOT of bang for the buck!


Formal or informal, think outside the vase.  Couple the flower with something unexpected and you've got BIG Drama; or play with proportions ~ you can't go wrong

via Belgian Pearls

Does this not have the most fabulous sculptural quality to it?  It lends itself to an event because it seems to be more of an installation and hard to maintain over a period of time but ~ oh my

A simple gesture packs a punch

You tend to see this look a lot in hotels or commercial environments.  I'm sure that's because it is cost effective.  So why wouldn't we take a cue from that?

Jan Hale Designs

Jane Packer

via Martha Stewart

Geoffery Bradfield

You're not confined to the standard upright vase either, and the addition of candles takes it to another level.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL ~ Put your own single flower arrangement together, see what you come up with, then send me pictures!!

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