The Rainbow Rose

I'll be honest, normally this would not be something I would gravitate towards.  The rose is perfect just the way mother nature intended it.  But when I realized it was REAL and not artificial; the crazy kaleidoscope of colors captured my attention and I was hooked.

I guess it was the idea of something so perfect in it's natural state becoming contrived by altering it that  gave me reason to pause.  I don't like unnatural looking things ~ but, what the hell?  I loved the juxipositon.  It's a party in a vase!

It’s created by introducing colored water to the rose’s stem, but in a manner that the colors reach the petals at different places.  The inventor, Peter van de Werken, keeps the process a secret. 

You need to be careful when using these vivid beauties or you run the risk of your arrangements  looking kitschy.  They are so fun for a kid's party, fiesta, sweet sixteen, or carnival theme.  If it's in keeping with the overall look, you are good.  You can't force these to be anything other than fun.  That's why there also known as the happy rose.

Suddenly my backyard party became a riotous, raucous affair, and these babies were the topic of conversation.

I have to mention though, I do not like the idea of engineering different colored flowers to coincide with holidays or occasions, but that's just me.

If you saw it in the store would you love it or leave it?
Is it gaudy or gorgeous??

ph: 4,5,6

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