Your Yurt or Mine?

The nomadic northern Mongolian people were a practical, hearty bunch.  Dating back well beyond the 17th C. they created yurts.  Simple structures that could be moved and assembled easily as they traveled, mostly along the silk road.  What I love about the Mongolian people is their sense of decor.  In many instances, they created unique structures and individualized them, much like the American Indians and their tee pees;
which happen to be the forbearers to the yurt ~

Yurts have no right angles or flat walls. They can be simple or ornate.  Yurts can be built for temporary housing or turned into more permanent structures.  They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter...

They are at home in almost all climates and settings... A yurt can be a playhouse, a get away house, an in-law suite, a yoga studio, an event space; the list goes on.

They are inherently decorative inside because of the structure itself; the lattice work.  You can personalize it as lavishly or simply as you like.  Utilities can be brought in, walls can be put up.

If Neiman's offered it in their Christmas catalog last year you know it's chic!

Yurts really do make a lot of sense!  Your imagination and 20 sq. ft. minimum is all it takes.

Funny, I was contemplating a tee pee, but for entertaining purposes, I now realize I need a yurt.  Ah, I have just the spot.

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