Romance was Born @Australian fashion Week, sponsored by Marvel 

What is it with super hero movies and comic book cartoon prints?  They are apparently inspiration for many a designer.  I'm not talking Katy Perry as smurfette or Lady Gaga crazy ~ something tamer that mere mortals can pull off.

Pierre Hardy

Does it  have anything to do with Comic Con and how popular its gotten?

Phillip Lim

Herve Leger

Does it represent our need to transform ourselves in some way, after all isn't that what fashion  is about anyway?  


A femme fatale is most certainly a super hero, especially if your a lingerie supermodel!

Victoria's Secret ph: PNP/WENN

Giuseppe Zanotti

Does it represent our desire to have control, cast ourselves as good vs evil?  

Lisa Perry 

Or is it just a funky cool graphic print that just makes us happy?

Stella McCartney

Noir Jewelry

 Super Hero Chic is Empowering, I think.

photos via: stylecaster, geek chic 

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