Jonathan Adler's Mod Mod World

ph: Kravet

Jonathan Adler is at it again.  Expanding on his repertoire of pottery, bedding, furniture, rugs, lighting, accessories, and baby, now comes a line of fabrics in collaboration with Kravet.

I was at a talk recently by Jonathan's other half, Simon Doonan.  Simon was talking about Jonny saying, "It's easier to dish about somebody when they're not around."  And dish he did!  He told us how Jonny got started throwing pots, then found wonderful craftspeople in Peru who could create his pottery designs to his exact specifications.  That freed him up to expand into other areas.  He's been on a mission to MOD-IFY the world ever since.

The patterns have been described as flamboyant, trippy, moderne, and bohemian, but always sophisticated. "Better than Zoloft!" exclaims Simon.  The top and third (clockwise) pillows' inspirations came from the pottery collection that started the empire.  The colorful flame and geometric patterns, chevron prints, wave, and circle designs will gave any room a little lift.


The fabrics will be available in the beginning of October

* FYI... Jonny is coming out with handbags in the spring that Simon says, "Will make you want to blow your brains out."  Boy, that must be some bag!

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