Charlotte Moss ~ A Visual Life

That Charlotte (no) Moss (grows under her feet) is at it again.  In her 8th book titled Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life, she shares a lifelong passion of scrapbooking, creating collages and the inspiration that makes her one of the great decorators of our time.  She invites other great ladies with a flair for living to share their journey in bits of paper and picture as well.

We all have an instinct to gather things and surround ourselves with those things that comfort us.  We may do it in different ways or it may take on different forms; such as starting a collection of some sort, journalling, even pinning pictures on Pinterest or creating videos.

It can be quite relaxing to just stop a moment and capture pictures that move us.  Whether you are cutting pictures from a magazine or taking your own photos, which Charlotte does, prolifically; It helps you step out of your day, explore, capture a moment or a thing of beauty that you might otherwise not have noticed.

The book is organized by themes:  travel, gardens, interiors, entertaining.  It's a great way for you (and by you, I mean me) to be inspired to get those files off the floor, out of drawers, and onto a working, visual board of beauty.

What's next for Charlotte you ask?  The beautiful photo (below) of a formal garden will soon be transformed via digital printing into clothing a la Mary Katrantzou.  Remember my story on Mary?  I am a huge fan, and I do love this new medium.  It has become very popular with many a designer.  I'm sure Charlotte's rendition will be as exquisite as everything else she has done.

One of the women Charlotte spoke of as an inspiration was Gloria Vanderbilt.  She just happened to be exhibiting her collection of art and collages, so I took a quick peek.  Check back next time...

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