2013 ~ The Year of the Snake


The snake ranks sixth of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Year of the Snake are the most intuitive, even while remaining the most private and reticent.  Snake people represent the symbol of wisdom.  They are intelligent and wise.  Snake people are usually regarded as great thinkers.
Snakes are materialistic.  They love to posses the best of everything, but they have no patience for shopping.   Snake people prefer to work alone, therefore they are easily stressed.  If they seem unusually stressed, it is best to allow them their own space and time to return to normal.

Well, I am not a snake sign, but I could be, except for the part where they have no patience for shopping.  For that I have all the patience in the world.

1st Dibs

Pietro Fornessetti for Roubini rug

The snake or serpent is one of the oldest mythological symbols.  They represent a host of things both good and evil; a life force, fertility, rebirth (demonstrated by a shedding of their skin), guardians of scared spaces: think Medusa (I love her hair of many snakes), a symbol of the modern medical profession.  Snakes hurt and they heal, they were worshipped and reviled.  They seem to give life and take life.

Regis Royant  Decorative Arts

Lanvin; spring 2012

Whether snakes are expressing religious symbols or phallic symbols,  I just like them as cool symbols of rebelliousness, not unlike a skull.

Claude Lalanne candle

Block and Brayer hand blocked wall coverings/fabrics

Paul Marra for Derring Hall


One Kings Lane

Kelly Wearstler carpet for The Rug Company

Snake People— Charming, gregarious, introverted, generous, smart
  • 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, 1905
Famous people born in the year of the snake include Oprah Winfrey, Sara Jessica Parker, Picasso, Martha Stewart and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Judith Leber

Talisman London

Christie's, artist unknown

I think 2013 or not, a snake person or not, everyone needs a little reptilian something~sometime. Whether slithering up a wrist or posing in a living room, it just makes sense to me.  If you don't literally want a snake, brass, glass, crystal or otherwise ~ how about a little snake skin?  I know SJP would agree!


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