NYIGF Shows its Colors

Dransfield and Ross

It may have been cold and gray outside but bright, saturated color was being embraced inside the New York International Gift Fair.  Exhibitors were on trend for 2013 with all the riotous color the experts have told us to expect to come on strong.  And strong they are; bold feels beautiful.

Oomph Furniture
Everything is in living color; furniture, fabric, pillows, art, accessories ~ nothing was spared.  Neutral feels flat.  Wake it up; color your world!

Design Legacy

These lambswool and merino reversible wool throws are so chic.  The booth was bursting with buyers (many from high end stores), so don't be surprised when you see them in a store near you.

Paulette Rollo

I love the idea of the book binding being done in a solid bright color.  What a great way to bring a little chroma (and drama) to an ordinarily neutral place.  Think of the fun you could have!

Go Home

Middle Kingdom

These finials have been covered by bloggers near and far.  They're one of those things that you never knew you needed.  When you add a decorative finial to any lamp it instantly helps to define the style and "tops off" the look beautifully.

Hilary Thomas

Furniture is the obvious first place you would think to add a swift kick of color.  The furniture choice makes it feel refined, flamboyant or quirky.

Royola Pacific Designs

Classic cowhides, or any rug for that matter, are also going the way of the rainbow.  I love the look of these underfoot.  I'll take one of each, please.


You may not think ostrich egg when you are looking to add a little spice to a tabletop vignette, but that was before they came lacquered in a multitude of hues. 

Even a neutral kitchen could use a little shot of color, whether in linens, tableware, or accessories.  The Laguiole flatware has a cult like following, and now I know why.

La Maisonette 

as above

Vagabond Vintage to trade only

The artist started with bugs.  I am glad to see he moved on to non-living organisms.  The feathers are much nicer (and beautifully displayed)


If your home doesn't need a shot of color, I bet your wardrobe does??

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