In The Mood for Love

We don't have to be hit over the head or literally have symbols of love in a space to create a romantic, sexy interior that promotes intimacy.

Frances Russell

We all know setting the stage for romance can be as easy as buying fresh flowers, lighting a few candles, and nibbling on aphrodisiacs, but living within a romantic interior is a 365 day a year decadent, delicious treat that anyone can enjoy and incorporate into their own home with a few simple additions.

Aubusson rugs always seem to grace the floors of romantic spaces.  I suspect because they have a French flavor, and anything French in feel, innately feels romantic.  Crystal chandeliers or objects that radiate light, and therefore create sparkle, help lend to the mood.  Sweeping views don't hurt either.

Simple pleasures are sexy

but this ratchets up the romance

Enveloped in the fabric gracing this canopy bed makes it easy to shine a rosy glow on romance 

Barry Dixon

This living room feels romantic to me because it looks lovingly curated.  Layered textiles, soft colors, ethnic touches, antiques, and collected groupings tell a story of a life well lived.

High thread count sheets and a bed you want to fall into feel fabulous

ph: Robert Trachtenberg

This bedroom is dark, sexy, and tactile.  That's totally romantic!

Lorenzo Castillo ph:Simon Upton

Anything that speaks to your romantic side, makes you feel good, nurtures you, and makes you want to share is good enough for me, and you?

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  1. Great idea the bathroom and fireplace, the cold days you will certainly warm up