My AD Show finds ~

LV Wood 
I saw a theme emerging at The Architectural Digest Show that was totally in keeping with my aesthetic.
As I was moseying around the show, I came across several companies that spoke to that part of me that fantasizes about my rough, luxe, modern home in the woods (maybe, one day).  This look, as it is referred to, captures the organic earthy, grounded side, while playing up the luxurious, sleek, contemporary, sparkly side.  Yes, there is room for both, and I like where this is going ~ 

David Stine Woodworking

A crystal chandelier feels very at home about a live edge table; the more opulent the better.

Generations of Brazilian women in Micaela Tuffano's family passed down the art of crystal weaving.  She now carries the torch.  It is exquisite in any light.

Anything wood, organic in feel, especially with a live edge and bronze bowties make my heart beat a little faster.  I would coordinate this with upholstered chairs, however.  Comfort is key!


I was surprised how attracted I was to these stainless steel cabinets.  They really make a statement.  And, most importantly, they are fingerprint proof.  (I tested it)   Maybe a teak wood counter top coupled with the stainless on an island would be spectacular.


Add mirrors to increase the drama.  (That's always a given)

Palo Samko

Knobs can and should be beautiful too.  Plain door ~ Grab one of these beauties.  Well, one will never be enough.

Sun Valley Bronze

I was especially excited to see what was happening in kitchen design.  Several new companies out of Italy and Lebherr from Germany, presented appliances that rival America's best.  Don't shoot the messenger.  They are as functional as they are fabulous looking.


You know what I have to say about these stools?  Charge it.  Trust me when I tell you they are beautiful from underneath as well; and heavy!  Wood: rough; fur: luxe

NOA Living

This streamlined (faux) kitchen wall is swoon worthy.  Very contemporary, whether it be furniture, objects, or a whole kitchen of appliances, easily co exist with the rough hewn look of wood.  Convinced yet?

Always a favorite ~ I admire Tucker Robbins' philosophy.  He steadfastly brings together a team of artisans from around the world creating a community committed to cutural and environmental consciousness.  "That which connects us is much more powerful that that which separates us."

Tucker Robbins

The artful arch of the sleek vent appearing from behind and underneath the oven solves a problem I always face when designing a kitchen, and it solves the problem beautifully.  What no giant vent??


Subtle patterned silk and wool rugs coordinate beautifully in my rough luxe fantasy.  Don't confuse subtle for simple.  To get the richness required, the best materials, time and craftsmanship are key.


Even the most mundane can be elevated to luxe status. These plugs and outlets can and are beautiful!  Remember, "It's all in the details."

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