Sacred Spaces

I  spent a lot of time today thinking about love and loss and what I was going to blog about.  There is an ebb and a flow to a blog, like everything else.  We write blog posts to share and inspire.  They're a part of us; our voice, our point of view, and sometimes our very mood inspires a post.  I couldn't imagine talking about trends or color or an event.  I was on Pinterest  for a good part of the day, and I want to talk about sacred spaces (physical or emotional).  Many of these photos are on boards I have pinned.  Where do you go when you need to recharge or be lifted up?

The Maroon Bells in Colo. is a big one for me

Is it in the mountains?  Does it have a western feel?

Does it have an ethnic flair?

Is it busy?...

or serene?

Is it at the beach?

By a lake, perhaps?

 Or just a little nook?

maybe a hot bath does the trick

Is it in your bed or are you just in your head?

  "Where's your happy place?"

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