Home on the Range

Much discussion has been given to the  Stark antelope pattern carpet.  I have loved it for as long as I have known of its existence.  It's sexy and cool, but is it durable enough for the steps?  I sometimes wrestle with the practicality of some of my choices.  The kids are grown so I don't have to worry about little muddy feet (oh how I miss those little feet), so what if it takes a little extra care?

and ~Animal print is ALWAYS neutral.  I have never seen an animal print I have not been drawn to.  Therefore it matches everything I have, or hope to have, BUT this particular one happens to be 100% wool and a little pricey.

But damn it looks good!  It has the perfect shades of gold, beige and brown.

Jan Showers

Amanda Nisbet

There's no question, I love it, in all its manifestations.  It looks sharp anywhere.  The only problem is, my house is beginning to look like a hunting lodge.  SO BE IT!

I have an L shaped landing so the challenge will be to lay the carpet with a mitered corner.  Do I dare?  I like the look of the stripe running length wise in all directions.

A few to consider that are more "price friendly"

This feels a little too taupey

Hmm... funky color

I think this is the clear winner ~
and it is 100% nylon which will be able to withstand a little more wear and tear.
A good thing to consider on steps.
Rosenfeld Carpets
 I think it is a good compromise.

Soon, my home will be like where the deer and the antelope play...and the zebra... and the mongolian lamb...


  1. I just discovered your blog and am in LOVE with the antelope trend. If you ever do order some antelope carpet, I'd love to hear how much it was per square foot. Every place I've seen that sells it is only to-the-trade and I'm not a designer, so I'd have to contact one to order for me and I'd rather know if it's even an option price-wise. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Kaylee, my suggestion would be to google it. A lot of mills make it and some go to trade only wholesalers but i believe you can find it at retail.