A Mindful Weekend

A weekend spent at Menla Mountain Retreat was equal parts inspiration, relaxation and education. Considered a Buddhist integrative wellness and healing center combining Western and Tibetan medicine with other holistic practices.

Nestled in the catskill mountains, it's managing directors, ex model and psychotherapist  Nena Thurman and ex Tibetan monk, religious expert, author, etc, etc  Bob Thurman; friends of the Dali Lama and parents to Uma, have been instrumental in creating something really unique.
We were lucky enough to have had them join us and tell us how this special place came to be, along with Clodagh,  a friend of the Thurman's and  the designer of the spa.  She is a world renowned "life enhancing minimalist" designer of residential and hospitality spaces.  Clodagh researched Tibetan colors, used Feng Shui and chromotherapy to help bring the spa to fruition.

There is said to be a kind of energy here because of a meteor explosion thousands of years ago creating the valley this retreat sits on, surrounded by mountains and 2 rivers.  This energy helps cultivate peace of mind and a state of blissfulness.  I can vouch for that!   Maybe the fabulous massage had something to do with it as well??

Tibetan artists worked on the temple design element within the spa for several weeks creating an authentic visual experience.  With its bright colors, intricate script and decorative design, it is seeped in rich tradition.

                                                           Meet the Medicine Buddha

Ornately calligraphied copies of pages from historical medical books are framed through out.  All proceeds from Menla go back to the Tibetan people to help preserve their threatened culture.

Musical vibrations are believed to be healing.  At the very least it is incredibly relaxing.  Have you ever been lulled to sleep by a samsula?

We all have the Buddhist nature within us.  Practicing kindness and compassion is something everyone should adopt, but also like a practicing Buddhist, they say one must think for themselves and discover for one's self what their own truth is.

At the end of the day, this was our truth (among other things)...

I have more to say on the topic so let's meet back here again ~ next time ; )

Thanks Andrew Joseph for including me in this enlightened weekend!

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