Designer Vision Showcase: Alessandra Branca

For the seventh year Hearst Magazine launched its Designer Vision Showcase.  The Walker Tower is being brought back to its former glory as a preeminent luxury condominium residence with its Art Deco roots intact.  Built by Ralph Thomas Walker, called by Frank Lloyd Wright, "The only other honest architect in America," he helped shape the NY skyline in the roaring 20's.

Even though it is in the midst of the renovation ~ you know it's going to be something special!

Alessandra Branca infuses her apartment for Elle Decor with the wit, elegance, and juxtaposition of styles and time periods that create a deeply layered, personal environment.  She draws upon her Roman roots and her love of art history and European classicism.  Using her line of fabrics for Schumacher, heirlooms, and pieces from favorite resources that are quintessentially Alessandra sit side by side, comfortably creating many moments.  The design is energetic in visual appeal, but remains practical and livable for her sophisticated Upper East Side client, yearning for a downtown vibe.  Her signature red is there, but pink reigns supreme along with a mixture of hot house and primary colors.

The upholstered walls in the master bedroom were a wow!  If you throw a zebra rug on the floor, you've got my attention, always!

I seriously loved "the mix".  She had faux bois and western accessories with sea fans and turtle shells.  There were high and low, organic and antique.  Timeless damasks in fresh colors and bold geometics helped hip it all up.  It worked, and worked beautifully.  This is a perfect lesson in the importance of layering and personalizing.  For more on Alessandra's lines and to shop them, check out her website Branca and Bergdorf Goodman.

All photos CLI, except Elle Decor by Douglas Freidman

*For those of you that inquired, thank you, this was the story I lost

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