Look who's Popping Up at House Beautiful

I, for one, love my printed magazines. I relish each page, lusting after the lifestyle I see unfolding before me, one beautifully styled room after another.  Magazines have taken a hit in the past few years, and editors are coming up with inventive ways to keep the lover of the printed magazine amused.  Amused I am, and you will be too.
Shax Riegler, editor of House Beautiful and Newell Turner, editor and chief of Hearst  Design Group, along with Charlotte Moss had a lovely breakfast to discuss the details of her pop up editor issue for House Beautiful.

House Beautiful has begun featuring notable pop-up guest editors who infuse their voices and passions into the content of that issue.  Tastemaker Charlotte Moss, the November pop-up editor takes us on a journey of “The Art of Living.”  How do we live in rooms after the decorating is done?  It is about creating inviting rooms that say, “Come on in and stay awhile." 

There is a feature on Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, of which Charlotte is on the board, a piece on the delicate porcelain flowers of Vadimir Kanevsky, and legendary mentors past and present.  

Her love of and respect for the past, people who inspire, and the importance of philanthropy are themes that run through Charlotte’s life and this issue.  On the pages of The Best, Gifts that Give, just in time for the holidays, you can purchase products that give back.  A win/win in anyone’s book (or magazine).

There is a fragrance story which is so clever and strikes a perfect note.  What scents would make a room sing?  A “nose” tells us.  Paul Austin, a "fragrance industry maestro," pairs 5 stylish rooms with their scent  personality.  This exotic room by Alex Papachristidis for example, conjures up YSL in the 70's with his fragrance Opium.  Therefore Paul gave it a woodsy, spicy scent with a hint of rose.         Charlotte shares a playlist to entertain by, wine suggestions, and stunning flowers, all in an effort to create layers of beauty that are a feast for the senses!  That's what creates warmth in a home.  That's what people remember.

Sadly we were asked not to take pictures but you get the idea. It felt really special sitting in her beautiful yard that looked like it could have been plucked off of any European estate, eating a Southern style  breakfast  en plein air.  Thank you, I was happy to be included.

via NY Times

I look forward to seeing who the future pop-up editors will be; same House Beauitful we have come to know and love with a "twist"  ~ On news stands October 22nd.

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