Fall Market 2013 Round Up ~ Part 1

Robert Allen is celebrating its past, present, and future. 75 colorful years in the business offering the trade fine fabrics, trim, and hardware.  A color innovator with wonderful collaborative partners and always an important "go to" resource.

Gracie continues to astonish with it's magical, mystical hand painted wallpapers.  The artistry, always Asian in inspiration, is de rigueur among the society set.  The 4th generation family business is also celebrating a milestone: 115 years.  Ming gave us a little demonstration.  He has been hand painting these papers since 1982.  One 3 by 10 foot panel can take anywhere between 75 to 100 hours to complete.  That's something to celebrate!

This has to be the year of the design book.  There are more than 25 new design books full of eye candy that have come out or are due on the bookshelves soon.

Jan Showers' 2nd book gives us a peek into her signature modern glamorous interiors in 2nd and 3rd homes that she has designed.  They tend to be more idiosyncratic; clients will take more risk in a vacation home.

Probably one of the most anticipated tomes is that of "Prince of Chintz" himself, Mario Buatta.  Always the prankster, he's an original!  The 400 page book is equal parts personal journal as much as portfolio. More about Mr. Buatta later.

Alessandra Braca debuted a beautiful line of fabrics for Schumacher.  The dramatic scale, playful textures, and energetic patterns flip tradition on its ear.  She wanted to create something that was needed in the marketplace.  Honest, true, clear, energetic colors; not just red, for which she is known.  This is not your grandmother's toile, damask, and chinoiserie!  It's re-imagined with a masculine/feminine quality.  Her Italian roots taught her the finer points of living the Bella Figura life, which she injects into her line.  Here's to beauty and a good eye culminating in a fine aesthetic.

We're not done yet, stay tuned for part 2 next time

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