A NEON Declaration

She exists, therefore she is ~ British artist Tracey Emin might be in the midst of another 15 minutes.  While not new to art aficionados, she has been a figure on the art scene for 20 years, her first solo exhibition at the North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art showcased her neon works.  In fact, it opened during  Art Basel and will introduce her to a whole other audience.

I think it is safe to say she wears her heart on her sleeve.  Her aphorisms talk of love and loss, vulnerability and fulfillment.  Unrequited love or unbridled passion, you know where she stands.  If, in fact, she is speaking of herself.  Or is she just speaking the universal language?

We  interpret and personalize these words, then fit them in to contexts that seem to speak to each of us as they apply to our lives.  Suddenly everything becomes personal.  Declarations of love, distilled into short phrases are never simple, but they do make us think, and make for great art!

Tracey says, there's a "feel good" factor to neon, and given that Miami, SoBe in particular, subscribes to the same credo, it's a perfect fit for a show.

I'm Enlightened!  Tracey Emin is represented by Lehmann Maupin, should you want to inquire.

phs: Artnet and Traffic, ph 2:Francois Halard, Elle Decor:Simon Upton

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