Modern Mountain Majesty

Atelier am
It's official, with snow on the ground and the temperature dipping dramatically, the mountains are calling to me as ski season begins once again.  I am chomping at the bit to go to "my happy place."  I love being in the mountains, winter or summer, no matter.  They're both beautiful in their own right, BUT  the warmth and coziness of a winter room with snow covered peaks outside the windows always feels like a privilege to be a part of for me.

ph:Francois Halard

Rolled steel is a nice counterpart to the bleached wood

Atelier am

You don't want too much visual clutter to distract you from the magnificent views, now do you?

Cunniffe Architects

Seriously sick with it's mountain views and world class art that hits just the right note

Stonefox Design

Abby Hetherington

The heavy interiors with the big rolled armed sofa, heavy draperies, and oversized dining tables and chairs feel well, old.  I am craving a clean aesthetic, a neutral palette with a modern message.

Lisa Kanning

Vintage and mid century pieces warm things up; you don't want a cold winter room!  Texture is king.

Studio Sofiel

Pearson Design Group

John Malascalco

Kill me now…

An industrial mix makes sense.  These kitchens are streamlined with the use of a melange of materials that don't speak western, just chic

ph:Robert Millman

I'll wake up to this any day

Slifer Designs

Robyn Scott

Studio 80 Design

There's nary a deer antler chandelier in sight , not that there's anything wrong with that ~

Studio Sofiel

Take me away….

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