When your Initials are Enough

Nothing says, "You are Special" like a monogrammed something something.  Holidays, weddings, hostess gift, or for no reason at all gift, it looks like you went the extra mile.

We believe that a mark is more than a symbol;
It's an artful mingling of typography and design
that turns a gift into a personal gesture.

Mark and Graham's quote typifies the essence of monogramming something.  The beauty is not only the monogram itself, but the aesthetic of the monogram.  The choice of typography reflects who you are, like a declaration of personal branding.

Their linen napkins elevate a dinner into a dining experience.

A monogrammed mint julep cup is a great catch all.  I was given one many years ago; it's on my desk filled with decorative pencils. Check out Mark and Graham's website to view a plethora of options!

On a more personal note and speaking of pencils, (it's a stretch, I know) ~ News Flash, and new item on my long running wish list.  Hermes Life in Silk program allows you to monogram initials or add a message, up to 20 letters, to one of their coveted silk scarves; as if wearing one doesn't make you feel special enough.

A monogrammed piece of jewelry means so much.  Maybe not diamond encrusted, but who am I to count your money?

Dabney Lee is another great resource for personalized eye candy. I love the tortoise shell necklace, it comes in other fun colors and looks a lot more expensive than it is.

If we're getting personal, I love this idea from Swagstamp.  They will personalize a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats or Hunter boots, how cute!

I have given my fair share of these Williams Sonoma cashmere blankets.  One is never enough.

Leontine Linens is well known as the best go to resource for monogrammed bedding.  What hostess wouldn't love a personalized pillow?  If you are going to do something personal, obviously, just be aware of their decor.

Pottery Barn features a great assortment of monogrammed items for this gift giving season.  Grab some friends, fill this personalized ice tub with liquor, and you've got a party people!

I try to give gifts that I would like to receive, like these hurricanes

I have always wanted to gift someone a Lucite tray from Iomoi.  They're brightly colored whimsical designs, and depth of product satisfies the most discerning giftee.

Melamine dessert plates, why thank you.  You'll be popular at dinner parties.

Note cards are a no brainer, and it makes it easy for the recipient to thank you.  Even though text and email seem to be acceptable ways to communicate a thank you, I like a hand written note.  Again, a written Thank You means a lot.  Can't we take a few minutes out of our busy day to let someone know we care?

The point is simply to give a gift that took some thought.  Personalizing it means something!  And people remember, don't forget that.

* Just a note on regifting.  I see no problem with it, again if and only if, you think the recipient would like it.

Hermes ph: Mimi Ritzen Crawford

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