Altuzarra:Slow and Steady

Spring 2014

This coming season's collection is full of basic pieces that are completely wearable, global in appeal, simple, and modern.  The use of the c word:  Commercial (get your mind out of there gutter) is not a word Joseph thinks about often when designing.

At the 5 year mark Joseph Altuzarra is really hitting his stride.  I like each collection a little more every season.  You see the growth and refinement in his designs.  That is exactly what he intended.  He is in no hurry, as building an American luxury brand takes time and patience.

Double faced cashmere, fine tailoring, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the Fall 2014 collection and what will keep Joseph in the game for the long haul.  Altuzarra's interest lies in the subtle elegance of simplicity of the clothing and moving slowly and precisely, growing his brand for the next generation.

Hand loomed textiles were part of the fall collection after Joseph was inspired by fiber artist
Sheila Hicks on a recent trip to Art Basel.

The cloth is cut so beautifully and expertly, you can almost wear these pieces inside out.  Think humble pieces ~ elevated.

Known for his American meets French aesthetic, somewhat sexy and sophisticated, the Altuzarra woman might be a little older.  She has taken care of herself, exercises, watches her diet, and MAYBE has had or will have a little plastic surgery.  She isn't at all interested in looking grandmotherly.  These are loosely Joseph's words not mine, but being a woman of a certain age, that resonates with me!  Ultimately though, the Altuzarra woman is anyone who appreciates fine design, elegance, and ease.

For such a young man, he really has an understanding of a maturing woman.  He must have an old soul.  Joseph believes, "There is grace and beauty to be found in comfort" while still being sexy and wanting to feel beautiful.  Amen!

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