Gift Show Round Up

I always stop by the NY NOW gift show.  I like to see what's new, what's next, what's hot, what's happening.  I walk away with a fabulous new resource or two, inspiration, or seeing the wares of a favorite company.

I loved the creative cement shaped sculptures by the company Opiary.  The unusual cement forms or the identifiable objects were softened by the use of plant material in really creative ways.  Lucky for me they are not far away, so a trip to the shop is in order.

Saks bought many of these pieces, so don't be surprised if you see them as part of a Spring display.

Speaking of Spring, lots of people were attracted to the Jurliska booth because of their beautiful tableware of course, but their vignettes of picnics and outdoor parties brought about the feeling of the warm weather and longer days soon to come.  I can't wait!

Artist Denise Cooperman paints beautiful, sometimes whimsical images into Belgium linen pillows as well as on canvas.  With a background in design, often a piece of furniture finds its way into the scene.  I am having her do a custom pillow for me.  I think it will make for a very special gift.

The prolific Jonathan Adler is very busy!  I'm mad for his new introductions season after season. Now he has these punchy glass accessories.

I am a fan of Alexandra Von Furstenberg's lucite line.  It all started with a neon cocktail table.  I do love the more subdued, if I may use that word, color palette.

I went crazy for these spunky PIXO task lamps.  They come in fun colors, are 97% recyclable, and function as a charger

Bet you didn't know I am a fan of paper products.  I love looking at the plethora of possibilities; be it hand towels, cocktail napkins, stationary, and the fairly new, incredibly practical paper placemats good for any occasion.  It's an opportunity to create WOW without a lot of money.  Plate Du Jour's  motto: Modern, Chic, Magnifique

At Hester and Cook they take a more subdued approach.  Their vintage looking or finely calligraphied papers are equally enticing.  There's a paper for every occasion and something for everyone!

They teamed up with artists and illustrators for fun collaborations

Hilda Glasgow

Laura Stoddard

The industrial look is still going strong, as is the bare bulb.  Put 'em all together, add colorful cords, and you have Pløgit

It's a shame the Super Bowl and the snow coincided with the show.
More next time ~

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