Gift Show Round Up continued...

I was so pleased to meet Michelle Quan at the show.  I love her work and became a fan after learning of her at Canyon Ranch.  See story here.  Her new work may have become more sinister looking with the knives and skulls, but no less appealing.  She said that installation at "the ranch" had a wide reaching effect.  It just proves what I always say, "You never know what will come of something, so try anything."

Pelle re-imagines the possibilities of objects and spaces around them from an architect's point of view.  I liked everything in their booth; each piece is strong enough to stand on its own.

If this set of drawers isn't a perfectly creative solution to a tight New York entrance hall, I don't know what is.

Judging from the crowds at the Woolrich and Pendleton booths, the Southwest style and the look of their blankets is peaking again ~ As I predicted, FYI...

Cloud 9 had a great assortment of pre-made pillows in stock, but what really excited me was

the ready made curtain panels that come in 2 lengths, embellished with trim, embroidery or rivets, that make the window treatments look like you're getting a lot of bang for your buck!
Note to self:  Place an order!

Dransfield and Ross are always ahead of the curve.  They displayed chinoiserie and indigo.  Two looks we have talked about before.

Tommy Mitchell continues to guild the lily or chrysanthemum or daisy in his new lighting collection. The giant metal flowers are really eye catching.  Whether as part of a pendant or mounted in shadow boxes hung in multiples, they are striking.

Gold Leaf Designs has been busy creating more interesting wall play.  I wrote about it here.  Their inspiration always comes from nature.  The new offerings, whether from the forest or under the sea, make big impacts in small spaces.

This rubberized board is another clever design.  It's made from recycled materials.  The thick looking rubber band like board can display awkwardly shaped items, or you can create an art installation, or the air plants and succulents look pretty interesting.  I can think of a multitude of things you can do with this inside or out.

Something similar, albeit less pliable.

These laser cut papers can be applied like paper, used in windows to create a little privacy, cut, colored, framed; you are only limited by your imagination!

I'll take one of everything ~ with a cherry on top!

I have seen theses cuties in shelter magazines of late.  Oversized tabletop sculptures really make a statement and make me hungry from BHCollection.

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