DXV ~ Raising the Standard of Beauty

We had some fun with the nice folks at DXV.  They sponsored a beautiful get together at a restaurant nestled in the Hollywood Hills where we spoke about the American Standard brand and came to the realization that almost all of us had an American Standard product in our home.


"DXV by American Standard is a new luxury bath and kitchen brand celebrating the storied plumbing company's rich history, now in its 15th decade."  The company believes if you design with a purpose along with performance and strive for perfection of product, you are raising the standard of beauty.  Therefore, well designed products become beautiful, and beauty becomes timeless.

The DXV collections, 70 carefully curated products in all, are distinguished by what would be considered the most influential design movements throughout the company's long history beginning in 1872.  They used this as a framework to give relevance to each period.

The Classic Movement (1890-1920) is stately, sculptural and well rounded.  Utilitarian objects were adorned with flowing lines and fanciful details as the industrial age landscape was changing.

The Golden Era (1920-1950), defined by a period of peace and prosperity, centers around a collection that has a subtle  attitude with a refined organic simplicity.  It reflects a modern society on the move in a time of prolific growth in art, design, and invention .

The Modern Movement (1950-1990) is all about artful forms and angular planes, displaying a playfulness and joy that this country was feeling.  Experimentation and growth in technology created contrasts that helped pave a path for the future.

The Contemporary Movement (1990-present) is represented by more of an individualistic approach. Pure form and a minimalist aesthetic, rich texture, and natural material.  The aesthetic is ever changing, the juxtaposition eclectic, and has a global appeal to reflect our fast paced lifestyle.

Fixtures, both kitchen and bath, are the cornerstone of the company's brand.  Like accessories or jewels that accompany the little black dress, these fixtures convey a design message when paired with the more utilitarian tub and toilet (but no less design driven).  These collections can certainly be mixed and matched for a look as individual as each of us.

DXV ~ stands for Decade 15 (clever, right?), is a brand that has artisanal character with a forward thinking, technology driven, performance powered sensibility.

I wonder what period the next collection will be called as we take stock of the fast paced, tech savvy world we are living in now.  Futuristic?

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