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I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl Lowe at Neiman's recently.  She has been creating the most beautiful jewelry for the past 9 years.  Not one to pass up a trunk show of a designer that I admire, I headed on over with my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get myself into too much trouble.

Sheryl shops the world; beads from Yemen, coral from Tangier, rare Peruvian opals.  Antique jewelry is reworked, all gracing her one of a kind pieces.

She obviously works very hard and has a deep passion for what she does.  Her company is very successful, which is no small feat in today's economy.  She is also fortunate enough to lead a privileged life with her perennially handsome husband, Rob.  That affords her the opportunity to give back, which she does, generously.  As a working mother of two boys I, like Sheryl, believe that's an important lesson to pass on.  We spoke for a bit about her business.  She employs 20, and a portion of the proceeds go to women's and children's charities.

Sheryl could not have been lovelier.  When I asked her if she minded taking a picture, the glasses came off, the lipstick went on, and she posed like a rock star (or top model.)  I am going to need a lesson or two!

We also talked about her house.  I had remembered seeing it in AD and loved it!  It will be featured in a book that Ellen Degeneres is doing.  Let's revisit ~

"Sheryl loves beautiful things and is definitely a collector," says interior designer David Phoenix.  Who doesn't love beautiful things (we have much in common)??  Sheryl and Rob Lowe were lucky enough to build their dream home inspired by grand Georgian homes.

The couple walked the property for weeks to make sure the house would sit perfectly on the plot, as if it had always been there.  Sheryl wanted the home to reflect her "nonconformity" and love of travel.  The team, including a feng shui specialist, looked at everything from studying Mount Vernon to what the best possible furniture layout might be to maximize "wealth, wellness, and charisma."

It is neutral but richly layered, grand in size, but intimate in feel.

The Lowe's wanted their house to be THE house that everyone comes to.  Entertaining is a priority as is conveying the feeling of comfort, graciousness, and the idea that wonderful memories are being created.

Driving up the tree lined drive is dramatic in and of itself, but the home opens itself up in exquisite fashion on it's four beautifully landscaped acres, with the double height Portico, sweeping veranda, and view to the ocean.

Oprah is a neighbor and this house is down the street from their beach house.  How convenient!

I mentioned I would be in the area but I did not get an invitation over, maybe next time??

Photos via AD by Mary E. Nichols

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