Miele: A Leap of Innovation

As one of our generous sponsors on Blogtourcali, Miele spoiled us rotten.  They generously wined and dined us incorporating their new "state of the art" generation 6000 technology.

The Miele team and celebrity guest chef  David Shalleck honored us with another scrumptious meal.

Years in the making, Miele's innovative, user friendly appliances continue to be built on the foundation of beauty and functionality, keeping in mind the need for ease in today's lifestyle.  The Miele brand imbues a sense of passion for product with purposeful design and energy efficiency.  A family owned and operated company since 1899, they operate on the single promise of "forever better."

When I first saw their built in coffee maker at a trade show some years ago, it was love at first sight!  I remember thinking, this is genius!  Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?  Their new feature incorporates a cup sensor.  This recognizes the size of the rim of your cup and alters the position of the spout accordingly.  A milk system clicks in and out of place, then rinses itself after use.  That is a well thought out design feature!

Minimalists will love the new brilliant white design that is chic and cool.  I, myself, love the truffle brown color.  It would be at home in a transitional or contemporary kitchen, as would the pure line or contour line handles.  Either of these new designs are so timelessly elegant and simple that any combination looks perfectly balanced.


Some of the incredible features of the Generation 6000 are ~ their exclusive moisture plus oven sensor  technology with 100+ presets and your own programmable ones.  The easy touch, user friendly touch pad with wifi capability makes preheating the oven when you are away from a home a blessing.

We became familiar with convection ovens that have a fan in the back to help uniformly circulate hot air and cook evenly.  The steam or combo steam technology goes further by raising the humidity in the oven ~  you optimize the outcome and healthy benefits of your food!

Meats are more succulent, baked goods are incredibly moist.  I LOVE banana bread.  When I tasted theirs after being made in the new 6000 series oven, I swore I had never in my life tasted anything so moist and delicious!  Everything is at the peak of flavor with the addition of steam technology!


Miele strives to improve upon their own innovative technology and assures us this is only the beginning.  I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.  Oh, and I am gonna need a need kitchen now….

*photo: Chasen West

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